10 April 2013


1. Toes
2. Laundry and guitars. Ben is writing a song about me to the tune of Taylor Swift's "22". It is not exactly flattering, but every verse he sings me makes me laugh.
3. Ben made lemon butter pound cake this morning. He told me he wants to be a baker. 
4. I brewed iced coffee. Placed ground coffee in a large pot filled with cold water. Let it sit for 6-7 hours. Drain.
5. Cake and lesson plans. 


  1. Molly B. - Los AngelesApril 11, 2013 at 11:40 AM

    I'm dying to try one of your recipes you post on here soon. Any good Russian fare that you recommend trying to make? (I vaguely remember some sort of really, REALLY pink soup I had over there that tasted good!)

    P.S. - Saw your and Ben's video on My Little Loves blog! It's funny to watch people you've only seen in pictures come to life in a video... you guys are an adorable couple :)

    1. I totally get what you mean about watching people's videos when you've been following their blog-- it's a rock-your-world kinda moment.

      I honestly haven't tried very much authentic Russian food. Borscht is the pink soup you're referring too and it's beet soup and sour cream. Depending on how you feel about beets, I would say it's worth a shot. Russia is a bit like America in the way that it doesn't have very much traditional food, but a lot of "borrowed" dishes. They're a pretty hard country though--meat, potatoes, bread, SOUR CREAM. Rooskies loooooove sour cream. So yeah, if you want some authentic russian food, get your self some of that.

      But I really should do a blog post on some Russian dishes. I would have to eat some caviar though...

    2. Molly B. - Los AngelesApril 11, 2013 at 3:27 PM

      Please do! I think I could get down with some Russian cuisine! It sounds hearty and delicious.

      Funny story, I recently had Persian food for the first time, and asked if someone could please pass the sour cream that was on the table..... I never want to have someone look at me like that ever again. (It was plain yogurt, and it's on EVERYTHING. Very good.)

  2. Oh my days, I love matryoshka dolls~ she is so beautiful!

    1. I know, right? She came with our apartment. I loved her right away : )

  3. I love your photography! I laughed out loud at the "22" thing, too. Taylor Swift is my favorite, and my sister and I love making fun of each other to the tune of her music.


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