14 April 2013

First day of Spring: Gorky Park

I feel like Ben and I have been trying to get to the famous Gorky Park since we moved here three (!!!) months ago. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful outside, so we ditched our heavy winter coats and walked around the park. 

Though the weather and conversation were awesome, I can't say the same for the park. During the winter, all the roads and pathways are covered with water and turned into an ice rink, and that appears to have been taken down like, a week ago. Mud, mud, mud. I guess I was expecting a little bit more whimsy, especially because it's so famous and Moscow had yet to let me down, but I guess Gorky was not exempt from the springtime slush. Oh well. Ben and I walked hand-in-hand around for hours as he told me the story of the novel, Gorky Park. We drank coffee and admired the abundance and difference of the people around us. It was so nice to soak up some of that good ol' Vitamin D, I tell ya.

These are my favorite part about living where I do. It's bread and cheese and it makes all my days the best days. 

I really hate feeling like a tourist. I tend to not take as many pictures as I'd like to because I feel so embarrassed doing it. Ben got my camera away from me and started taking pictures of me on this bridge and I thought I would just die. I finally smiled for him so he'd stop, but he's never holding my camera again. 

Anyway, here I am on a bridge...

tiny house!

Some Soviet Union monument.

There were many eerie small rides around the park, empty and spinning, playing soft music. Odd, odd. 

So that was Gorky Park. I could have taken more pictures, but I assure you, there was not much to see. We're going to come back in a month or so and I'm hoping we'll see more trees, grass... anything green really. There were tons of stands around the park that were boarded up for the winter, so I'm curious to see what they hold. 

After Gorky Park, we headed over to Arbat Street and explored until we met friends for dinner... but I'll post those pictures tomorrow ; ). 

Have a good Sunday, y'all. 


  1. These pictures are beautiful! I love your sense of style, and the lipstick looks great on you! Thank you for sharing! (Also, I hope you take more "touristy" pictures because I love them!)

    1. Thank you! I certainly will try! Maybe as my Russian gets better, I'll feel less nerdy ; )

  2. It is a shame it was all slushy, but it still looks like a pretty place to explore. I am sure it will be completely different once it warms up a bit. I am so bad at being a tourist. I take millions of photos everywhere :-/

    1. Gaaaah Allison! How are ya, girl? Yeah, I'm always super shy about being in front of the camera, but it's getting better. Hope all is well!

  3. Look how happy you both look :) <3


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