06 March 2013


I've been watching the new Michel Gondry trailer over and over. I don't think anyone can capture dreams, love, or imagination as beautifully as he can. I can't wait to see his new piece.

Ben has been reading this book in Russian and telling me the new bits of the story on our walk to work every afternoon. We're both enthralled.

Listening to my girl Kimya Dawson's (and Aesop Rock) song all week. I met her at a show in Chicago when I was 15 and she was so giggly and quirky. I'm so glad her music has received the attention it should. This song is also fantastic, but pretty heavy. It's a great story though.

Ben and I tried to make caramel, but cooked it for a minute too long and it was like a rock. So we threw the chopped up bits into some cookie batter and made some awesome Chocolate Chip and Toffee cookies and brought those babies into work.

Dyed my hair ombre using this kit. It was crazy easy and turned out awesome. I'll post pictures of my hair later, but I'm thinking of lightening it even more. Maybe.

Ben and I have been watching an episode of 'Party Down' every night. Oh my gosh. If you liked 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'/'30 Rock'/'Arrested Development', than you need to get it together and watch this show. Like, tonight.


Ben is working on a blog post called "Ponies Just Want to Have Fun". So, get ready for that one.

I've been obsessed with Russian champagne recently. Sort of feeling like I'm abusing this celebratory beverage, but hey... getting through another day in the Russian winter and teaching small children... seems like a good reason to celebrate to me!

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