12 March 2013


From this book.

Ben has been so interested in my introversion ever since we met and that was something I found quite odd. I found it odd because he himself is very outgoing (which I envy) and I found it odd because being quiet at times was never something I would have said anyone would find interesting. But Ben is charmed by my quiet insights and I am grateful for his ability to make up for my crappy version of small-talk so all and all it works. He recently finished Quiet by Susan Cain, a book he received for his birthday and has been filled with insights into my personality and our relationship dynamic as an introvert-extrovert couple. So the other day while he was at work, I flipped through the book to the chapter on couples that influenced him so greatly and read it by the window. It was comforting, sweet, and telling.
Cain talked about how, despite what one might think, introvert and extrovert couples can work out extremely well.
Couples often feel like they've found their other half.
That they complete each other.
One likes to talk, the other likes to listen (which doesn't necessarily apply to my relationship, it's almost the opposite when it's just the two of us).
It's always so nice to read something you can relate to so throughly, like you're not alone and what you have is good and special and unique.

And I just had to share the Carl Jung quote. Ben read it aloud to me months ago and finding it was like sunshine. 


  1. Molly B. - Los AngelesMarch 12, 2013 at 9:15 PM

    That Jung quote was the inspiration for my last screenplay! It's beautiful, and It's a great metaphor for my own relationship too! I think that is the whole point to relationships, really, a "reaction" that yields "transformation" , making you a better person.

    1. Screenplay! That's exciting!

      Yeah, I think it's just so magical. Ben is a very science-minded person as well so I found it even more fitting that he showed it to me. So beautiful.

  2. have you read the book? a friend of mine suggested it because i am a pretty strong extrovert but my daughter is not. my friend liked it, though she said it got a little self-helpy in the second half. trying to decide if i should take the plunge.

    1. I have not read the book entirely yet, but from what I have, it's very interesting. My boyfriend Ben is the one who read it and HE was very moved by it (especially as an extrovert). I can't speak from experience, but from what he told me, there does seem to be a sort of self-help or help-others element, but it didn't seem to bother him too much. It really changed his perspective on me and our relationship, so in that sense I would definitely recommend it. I think there are so many misconceptions between extroverts and introverts: the main on being introverts are "anti-social" and extroverts are "hyper-social". They just socialize differently.

      Take the plunge. And let me know how you like it. I know they do have a few chapters on raising an introvert that are very thoughtful. Some things I recognized my parents doing/not having done and they did have an effect on me.

      Sorry for the book report, ha hope this helps!

  3. "finding it was like sunshine" - love that!

    That's so lovely that he takes an interest in not just the things you like for example, but in the things that make you, you.


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