24 March 2013


1. The MCAT was signed up for. Worries were had. A jar for spending money in Munich began. 
2. Zucchini bread was made. Chocolate chips were thrown in.
3. Alcohol was consumed. Lots of it. 

Not pictured (...yet)
1. Aman came to see us from Minsk, Belarus. 
2. Darker thoughts were had about Moscow and it's treatment of foreigners. 
3. St. Basil's was revisited again. I squealed when our car turned a corner and it appeared triumphantly in front of us. 
4. Beautiful streets were explored. 
5. Deep conversations were had. Who we were, where we wanted to go, debates on the soul and all it's possible existence, and whether it was beer or wine that caused the worse hangover. 


  1. with regards to # 5, wine. definitely, wine.

    1. That's what the group determined as well. It's all that suga, man...


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