03 February 2013

Sushi Date

Well, nobody ate sushi, but "Sushi Date" sounds better than "It was too snowy to go to Gorky Park so we stopped at a random Japanesse restaurant above where we buy groceries instead".

Actually, that doesn't sound too bad. And that's what we did today. 

We had a very relaxing weekend (and one very intense Friday night--Russians don't go out until 12 a.m. and don't return until 6... it was quite the journey, but incredibly fun and interesting as well) for the most part. After we came home Saturday, we sat around watching movies and drinking tea and vodka and practicing Russia, so I was quite determined that Sunday we would go sight-seeing. As I've expressed before, I'm very anxious to see Moscow and very disappointed that so much for my time and energy has to go to my job (I know, right). I'm always feel very antsy to get out and explore this amazing city and going drinking on Friday night did not help--from the cab and from the windows of the hipster bars we went to, I saw glimpses of this all powerful city, but I did not have my camera in hand or my mind at wits. 

So for Sunday, I planned. 

Ben and I decided we would to go the famous Gorky Park, but when we stepped outside, the snow was coming down too hard for us to commit ourselves to a day walking through the streets of Moscow. After 20 minutes of standing on the curb trying to decide what to do, Ben and I settled on a nice little Japanesse food date (Japanesse food is actually the most popular type of food here in Russia) and headed up to the restaurant above our grocery store. It wasn't the cultural, sight-seeing extravaganza I had in mind, but we had great conversations and amazing food to ease my disappointment. 

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