25 February 2013

School Daze

We get little treats from our students and their parents : )

Thanks to Ben's mom for this idea! I use plastic hammers that make a funny
 sound instead of fly swatters, but the kids love this game.

Oh, teaching. Another Monday morning. 
Lately, I've felt incredibly compelled to write to every teacher I've ever had and thank them for all the hard work they put in. Teaching children is no joke. I have developed such a strong appreciation for everything that is the art of helping someone to learn.

Today I begin my toddlers class which I'm very excited about. The program is called "Cookie and Friends" and I use a pink tiger puppet to teach little Russian cuties how to speak English. I hope it goes well... I'm wearing my lucky duck dress

Gosh, I really love teaching. I love the chance to be creative and helpful and to see my hard work pay off in the form of compliments from parents and students who are actually progressing when it comes to their language abilities. It's so incredibly rewarding, I'm wondering more and more if this is something I might want to continue doing in terms of a career. 

I had originally been studying Education in college, but when I transfered to sweet little Beloit, I gave up the resources of the big state school and found myself in classes that worked on the philosophy behind teaching and various methods, which I didn't find very helpful in terms of actually being in a classroom and working with students. We also did our field work in the Beloit School District which was quite startling for me. Beloit schools rank extremely low in comparison to the other schools in the state and the students I was interacting with were very difficult to work with. It was discouraging to say the least and by the beginning of my junior year, I was ready to call it quits and focus on my writing. 

I am happy the way my college experience turned out because I could never imagine not having my degree in Creative Writing and I certainly would not have been able to focus on it the way I did had I been double-majoring in Education and Youth Studies. I just don't think Beloit was the right place for me to learn how to be a teacher, but that doesn't mean the idea is off the table for me just yet. I feel very passionate and excited about the work I'm doing and I really hope these feelings only continue to grow. 

Well, I hope you have an easy Monday... and that you enjoyed watching the Oscars! Ben and I missed them, obviously (it was 4 in the morning or something for us when they aired), but are excited to watch the films that won! First up is of course Argo, but I'm really excited for Silver Linings Playbook. I love Jennifer Lawrence and it looked so good. Hopefully Ben and I aren't too tired when we get home tonight because Russia doesn't have very strict laws about illegally downloading films, so we can watch pretty much anything fairly easily (with the occasional dubbed Russian voices, haha). Cheers!

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  1. Molly B. - Los AngelesFebruary 27, 2013 at 11:16 AM

    The board slapping game is a really good idea! I had a Literature teacher in high school who would spontaneously jump onto his desk during a lecture and begin to dance, just to make sure we were all paying attention. It's the little quirks that really help you learn (and I will never forget "Tale of Two Cities" to this day because of his crazy antics!)


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