01 January 2013

Tiny Mountain Town

Happy New Years!

Here's to 2013 and all that it may bring.

I'm currently in New Hampshire awaiting the plane that will deliver me to Moscow. It's so lovely being back in Ben's small hometown, I am constantly forgetting the unbelievable charm of the east coast and the quaint nature of all that is here. Though I love the cities I have known, there is something so comforting and loving about a small town and all the support it provides.

The loveliness of Plymouth, however, does not make up for the feelings I have about leaving my parents, brother, and sweet home of Chicago. It was a bittersweet morning as my family drove me to the airport; part of me was bursting at the seams to move another step towards Moscow, to be with Ben again, and to go back to New Hampshire, and the other part was devastated that another chapter of my life was over. The chapter of living in the Midwest, being in college, hanging out with old friends, having late night meaningful conversations with my younger brother, knowing my parents close by, and all of it was over before I realized it was even happening. It's overwhelming to deal with this part of growing up, but I know that I have to move on and this is just the real world.

I have about two weeks in New Hampshire before Moscow thanks to an error in our visa process (who knew the Russian embassy went on holiday for two weeks?), but it gives us a good amount of time to work on our Russian and enjoy this small town I considered my home for a warm summer. We haven't done very many New Hampshire-y things yet because I've only been here two days, but I look forward to returning to our favorite restaurants and hiking up the snowy trails we used to explore. I even found a creek the other day when Ben and I were searching for his dog that I want to return to. So much to see.

Anyway, with all that, I did make a few New Years Resolutions.

  1. Learn Russian
  2. Exercise more often
  3. Find more meals to cook by myself
  4. Be less anxious
  5. Work hard at being a more understanding and patient girlfriend and friend
  6. Always make an effort to stay in contact with people back in the states
  7. Read more
And with that, here are some pictures from my New Hampshire wanderings.

Ben's dad included this extremely attractive picture of us from Cape Cod on Ben's mother's handmade calendar. I was pretty horrified.   

Love this picture of Ben's mother from her wedding.

Happy New Year!

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