21 January 2013

Little Russian Home


Things I have Learned about Russians
1. Russian ladies wear the most beautiful fur coats. PETA would lose it's mind over here, but I spend the majority of my time fighting the urge to rub my face on them.
2. Russians do not care about the environment at all and do not understand why we do.
3. Russians like Russia, but can't fathom why anyone else would want to come here.
4. Russians "reserve" their smiles for only people they know and get super sketched out if you smile at them. They think it means you're mocking them or insane. They also do not appreciate "pleases" or "thank you's". At all.
5. There are only two hair colors: blond and black. Those are also the only colors of dye in the store.
6. There appear to be no rules of the road... or driving age apparently. It might have been the jet lag, but during our three-hour drive through Moscow to our apartment, I saw people reading and driving, changing their clothes, and definitely a child driving a van and texting.
7. On that note, there are no laws anywhere. They have similar repercussions for crimes as we do in America, but there is no one who cares enough to reinforce it.
8. In America, if you tell someone you're a writer, they just feel bad for you for having no marketable skills. In Russia, they think it's awesome.
9. Russians call black people the very bad word, but they don't mean it in that way. In fact, calling someone black is incredibly offensive, almost to the same degree.
10. Russians cheat at things, so in turn they are suspicious of everyone.
11. Russians like to stand in lines.
12. All the toilets are the same. This is actually probably a sad leftover from the Soviet Union (when everyone and everything was equal, that included appliances), but it's incredibly bizarre. From GYM to my bathroom. Same toilet.


  1. I definitely think a video of 'fur face-rubbing in Russia' would go viral in a couple of hours...if you were up for it! ha! A great list - Some interesting lessons learnt I'd say!

    1. If I actually attempted it, I think the repercussions would be deadly! Russian women become furious if you smile at their children, I can't imagine what they'd do if I actually touched them, ha..

  2. Adventures! Good grief! You will have so many stories to tell your children :)

  3. Love the photos! Those are some interesting facts about Russians that I had no idea about. I look forward to seeing your daily adventures in Russia!


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