08 January 2013


When I was younger, my family and I started keep grateful journals. Every night we would gather in the space between my bedroom and my brothers and sit with notebooks we had picked out and think of one thing we were grateful for in the day. Your answer could be simple: you could be grateful for the sun to be shinning just enough for a smooth bike ride to the pool or for mom to splurge on ice cream. Or they could be more complex: you were grateful for the relationship you had with your grateful or the look on our dad's face when we made a good catch at a baseball game. Though our answers ranged from small moments to legendary happenings, the sentiment was true and pure: taking a moment each day to remember something special is a useful and powerful tool and I'd like to do that now.

I feel very grateful for my little life. I wouldn't ever want to say I've been through a lot because I feel uncomfortable making declarations of that caliber. Everyone has been through times they thought would end them. I don't ever feel like mine should be mentioned or worn throughout my current days. But they are there and I am glad with each year that they melt behind me. I feel like I'm a strong individual who came into this form through years of practice. Every day is meaningful to me and I do try my hardest to recognize the small importances of it all. Studying writing in college made this easier for me to embrace, but it's still enough. I thought I should keep some of my grateful thoughts in this blog as it is taking the form of a diary. 

I am grateful for today and I'll tell you why. I finished my Russian early and B and I spent the day making spicy hot chicken and chocolate chip bagels that were so perfect, I ate two right after they came out of the oven. My father called before the food was cooked and we had a nice talk. I felt grateful for being in his heart and mind. When we were finished, we grabbed our sleds and headed to the hill behind the high school where B attended and slid down hills with our New Hampshire friends. I felt electric and awake and that is a rare but embracing feeling. 

I am grateful for the small warmth of this home. I am grateful for quilts and sweatpants. I am grateful for hot chocolate and whiskey in the bottom of my mug and a movie loaded up in my computer and my sweet love next to me. My heart is filled with warmth and love. I just wanted to recognize and remember. 

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