03 December 2012

Words of Wisdom on Moving Abroad

As the deadline for Russia approaches, I have found myself scouring message boards, forums, blogs, anything really, to find advice and comfort on becoming an expat.

Even just that term. "Expat"
It's so dramatic and final. I feel like I'm back in the 1600's, trying to decide between Britain and America. Every time I come across advice for "expats" (which is all you're going to get when you google "How to survive living abroad"), it's almost like I want to scream "No! I love America! I'm just visiting! For a long time! I'm still an American! I'm nobody's ex!"

I found this one very helpful entry called "Wisdom from Moving Abroad" from a blog called The Freedom Experiment. I'm going to copy the entry here so that I can remember it always.

Wisdoms from moving abroad - Or lullabies for frightened soon-to-be expats

- It’s not as frightening as you think in advance
- You will adapt well to new surroundings
- Adapting takes less time than you imagine
- Living abroad will not take away your desire to travel
- Going out of the house always means you’ll discover something exciting
- Being apart from friends and family can actually make your relationships stronger (you might even stay in touch more often than you did before)
- Distance (from friends, loved ones, habits, familiar places) can be a powerful source of inspiration
- You will discover that there exists vegetables you have never heard of, seen or ever tasted
- You probably won’t miss any food from home in particular
- Unfamiliar streets will lead to exciting discoverings when you get lost
- A smile goes a long way (especially when you can’t understand the language or an accent)
Moving with just a few suitcases is possible
- You’ll discover that it’s not about the things, the place, the country, the people. It’s about you.
- You will get used to strange local customs
- New experiences and influences weigh up for what you miss from home
- You will grow tremendously as a person
Personal wisdoms:
- I am much more independent than I thought I was
- My english is developing rapidly. I might even get a british accent!
- I don’t mind doing the dishes as much as I thought (I’m used to a dishwasing machine)…
- Living with more than one person means there’s always someone to talk to

Oh, so helpful! I love finding things like this and feeling my wanderlust come soaring back into my heart.


  1. yay- I found your blog. me, you and sash, beloit writing foreva <3

  2. Awesome! Let's start a little blog clique, I can't seem to get in with the hipster mormon mommies


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