08 December 2012

Watch: The Last Silverback Mountain Gorillas

One thing I really love to do is watch documentaries on random things. Some people really like reading things to become informed on a subject, I like watching documentaries. I find that seeing situations is so much more powerful for me and resonates much more deeply than a wikipedia entry or a few articles from BBC. I like getting people's personal perspectives on subjects and throwing myself into their world for a short period of time.

 I thought it'd be nice if I posted some of the documentaries I watch and am currently thinking about or being influenced by on this blog.

I watched this one on Silverback Mountain Gorillas last night and was very touched by it all. I think gorillas are fascinating to begin with, but most footage that can be found of these magnificent ancestors are them in zoos, or being forced to display the powers of their intelligence. It was nice to see this short film where their behavior is not influenced by the presence of humans.

It really is unbelievable. They're just like us.

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