19 December 2012

Watch: The Jesus of Siberia

I'm a pretty tired from moving all day, but I wanted to share this little film.

Now, I love documentaries about religions. Well, love isn't the right word. I'm very interested in religion as a whole and am drawn to watching documentations of the extremes. My parents are agnostics so I didn't have a lot of exposure to religion and have spent my entire life sticking my nose into everyone else's. Though I have always felt detached from the typical concepts of God, I have never turned down an opportunity to discuss theology or learn about someone's personal beliefs. To each their own!

So, I found this little gem the other day when I was browsing for some films done in Russia (so I could listen to some Russian), but was drawn in mostly because of the title. This is truly a bizarre little bit of the world. The entirety of the film is set in the coziest nooks of Siberia where hundreds of people follow a man who claims to be Jesus Christ.

But that's not even why you should watch it.

On top of being an interesting cult study, the entire town is beyond whimsical. Everyone wears flowing dresses and lives in adorable little fairy homes covered in flowers.
Seriously, you'll think it's a joke, I couldn't believe people lived like this! And in Siberia no less. I spent the entire time I was watching this with my mouth hanging wide open. The flowers! The houses! The clothes! I'd be into it if I didn't have to give my heart and soul to "The Teacher".

Whatever. Just watch it because it's completely bizarre and beautiful all at the same time. It makes me want to shrink into some fairy wings and go live in a blueberry patch.


  1. That's so interesting. I totally agree with you. Although it seems like wonderful place to live, I wouldn't want to have to devote myself to someone.


    1. Right, right of course. It's just so serene and idyllic! A little kooky though... thanks for watching it!


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