02 December 2012

To Russia!

Tonight is the night.

Ben and I will be purchasing our one-way plane tickets to Moscow, Russia and we'll be set to fly one month later. 
We have an apartment in a beautiful "suburb" of Moscow that is known for it's small boutiques, cafes, and ponds as well as it's flower shops and parks. Our jobs teaching English are secure in two different suburban schools on either side of Moscow. Ben has a few good friends in Moscow that I'm looking forward to meeting (they all even pitched in to help us find a great apartment in our price range!) and my first roommate from Beloit is living in St. Petersburg with her love. I can't wait to see her. I always figured we'd meet again, but never did I think it'd be because we were both living in Russia! 

Oh, how life can change on you. 

I'm so anxious and excited. Mostly excited now that everything is coming together. Ben and I have been working very hard on our Russian. For him, he's been brushing up by reading BBC in Russian and for me, it's been memorizing the alphabet and all it's sounds, as well as learning a couple of key phrases here and there. Oh, and of course reading some Tolstoy stories and the essential Chekhov plays. 

But there's still so much we have to do. Sometimes it does feel very overwhelming to know that in one month I'll be boarding a plane to an entirely different part of the world with only a small amount of money, clothes and belongings. In a lot of ways that's very refreshing for me--to take only what I really need. 

It's definitely going to be an incredibly mind-blowing experience and I can only prepare so much until I'm actually there. I have so much to look forward to, I feel like I might explode. It's happening, it's happening!


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