22 December 2012

iPhone photos

Here are some pics from my super slick cell phone. I used the ever-lovely afterglow app as well as VSCO CAM.

Ben and my brother, Bobby. We all went and saw "Life of Pi" last night. It was beautiful, not only visually, but it's also an incredible and inspiring story. I read the book a few years ago and the movie totally lived up to it. Very impressed and highly recommend-- and see it in 3D! It's so fun!

Mickey loves me. 

Oh, this was a sad morning.
Saying goodbye to my best friend from Beloit, Shane. Love you, girl.

My dad helping Ben pack, haha. 

Ben playing with my parent's new puppy, Mia. 

The top ring is from my father. The middle stone is my birth stone and it's one of my most prized possessions. The bottom ring is Ben gave me last Valentine's Day.  

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