15 December 2012

finals will never end

I just want to remember what my life was like before these finals started. 
I love this guy! He works so hard all the time.
On top of our horrible finals, we have all of Ben's things from four years of Wisco storage to organize and sort. We've been sending somethings to donation bins and some back to New Hampshire. We have found some pretty sweet gems though. Like that coat. And a book of Ben's haikus. 
But, on the plus side, I have done some awesome Christmas shopping. I'm doing Christmas a little different this year because I don't know if I'll be home for Christmas next year. I'm trying to be extra thoughtful about all the gifts I give to my friends and family. I really do love holiday shopping, it just makes everything feel so right!

It's been nice to sit on the computer and shop in between power-sessions at the library and 15-page long papers on Women's and Gender Studies issues and the Sociology of I-can't-care anymore. 


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