12 December 2012

Finals Daze/ Happiness Project

So finals have started and Ben and I haven't seen much of each other except during meals. I've been really engrossed in The Happiness Project, a book I bought with a gift card my mother had wrapped up and put in the most amazing advent calendar. The book really promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle and gives you really simple and easy tips to make the most of your days. It sounds a little bit corny, but it's also really inspiring and uplifting. The first chapter of the book is all about your health and the importance of eating right and working out, two things I always start trying to do, but never seem to finish. 

Ben and I talked about our current lifestyle and made a list of the things we wanted to change about it. We decided to take make a new list of things we wanted to change every week so that way we wouldn't get into a rut or make any changes we couldn't keep up with. 

This week we decided to:
1. Eat eggs for breakfast every morning (we got into a bad habit of eating bagels every morning).
2. Eat at least one vegetable every day. 
3. Drink less milk, more water. 
4. Eat less carbs, salts, and sweets.
5. Work out four times a week for 15-20 minutes.

It actually hasn't been so bad! I mean, I'm starving all the time because I'm not constantly snacking, but I do feel really good about doing right by my body. I really want to make a permanent change, so I'm working hard to change my mentality into one that wants to be healthy and is committed to staying clean and fit. 

Here are some photos I've been snapping around the house this week. 

Like I said, my mom made me the most amazing advent calendar. Seriously, it's the perfect cure for post-college depression. I felt like a little kid again every morning reaching up into one of her hand made stockings and pulling out a different treat. Some of them were candy, some were "big-kid" things (gift cards to book stores, $5 bills, make-up, etc) and then some were just nostalgia. These pictures came in a little wrapped bundle and were so nice to open. So many happy and sweet memories. I immediately put them in my wallet (along with an itty-bitty photocopied version of my favorite children's book she had made me) and knew they would bring me such comfort when I'm away. 

This beautiful painting is a print Ben got me for my birthday. It came a few days ago because he did not estimate the time it would take to arrive from Sweden. I love it!

Loving broccoli recently. Ben cooks it up with garlic and salt and saut├ęs it for a few minutes, and it's unreal. I'm glad I found a vegetable I like because I've always struggled with eating healthy. I actually look forward to eating broccoli with dinner now!




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