07 December 2012


I am officially 23-years-old. I can finally relate to that Blink 182 song.

So, I'm not very into birthdays--they tend to make me anxious and overwhelmed. I usually prefer small get togethers with good friends, which is exactly what I got this year. Ben made me my favorite dinner, Alfredo Pasta with Brocoli and Cajun Chicken, we drank nice wine, watched Russian films, and talked about where we were this time last year (in my dorm room, probably talking about going abroad after we graduated) and where we think we'll be next year (still abroad? Back in America?).

It was a really sweet birthday and I'm so grateful for all the love my friends and family showed me.
I hope twenty-three is my best year yet. :)

The dress Ben gave me!

Ooooh... we got wine from the second shelf at the discount liquors store. Normally we have to get our wine from the very, very bottom. 


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