25 November 2012


I had such a wonderful Thanksgiving "weekend" with my family. There were many great conversations, good food, movies, laughs, and happiness. I am so grateful for the relationship I have with my parents, my brother, and Ben. 

Ben and I also continued our interview process with the company in Japan. Though the interview went well, we still were not offered any sort of job until March, and even then it's up in the air. However, a company in Moscow, Russia reached out to us and offered us both teaching positions in the beginning of January and after much deliberation, we decided Russia would be a great fit for us. So this Thanksgiving was an extra special one as we prepare to leave the country in the next few weeks. 

Ben and my brother, Bobby

My father makes the most amazing homemade bread.

There's actually a cute story to go along with that wand. I got it years ago (when I was like, 3) at the Renaissance Faire and kept it until I was a teenager. Then for my family's annual White Elephant Gift Exchange, I (or my mother, nobody is quite sure) gave it away. I mentioned it to my mom awhile ago and she made some phone calls, my uncle did some digging, and she presented it to me on Thanksgiving with a hug and "I may not be able to make all your worries go away, but maybe this will help." It was an incredibly sweet gesture, thank you Mom. You are infinitely the best. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 


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