11 November 2012


...and I'm sorry.
I want to be writing more, but currently... there is not much to say.
Ben and I have been applying to jobs all over the world. But we have had some good news! A school in Russia offered Ben a job and me a tutoring gig, as well as visas and a place to live. It's been such a relief to finally have somewhere to go, but it is in Siberia and were not too sure how we feel about moving to truly the middle of nowhere just yet. We did have a "big kid" interview yesterday in Chicago, but it was a bit of a reach job.

apparently I should have been learning Japanesse like, years ago. 

It'd be cool if we got this job, but it also might put us in the middle of nowhere (but in Japan) and we were really hoping to be near some cities. 
Decisions, decisions. 

In other news...
We went and saw Vice President Joe Biden speak at a rally in town! It was amazing. Hearing a politician you believe in speak can be really empowering and moving. I recommend everyone to try and see someone they admire one day. 

Ben was also photographed by some random photographer and ended up on BuzzFeed.com as "Ridiculously Good Looking Joe Biden Fan".
It was pretty bizarre, but we got a kick out of it. I was surprised though by how many people left rude comments! People on the internet can be so cruel, and so wrong. Funny, if anyone who said something negative about Ben actually met him, they would think much differently about the way they described him. Food for thought. 

So I guess that's where were at now. Just sitting and waiting, applying, waiting, watching movies, waiting, waiting, waiting...

I feel like I'm on the edge of something great, I just can't jump into it quite yet. 

Have a wonderful Sunday. Oh, and bake these! Ben made those Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Caramel Shortbread treats for me while I was work and it was the most amazing thing I've ever had. 

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