03 October 2012


So. I do this weird thing where I paint pictures of robots. 
It started last year when I was taking a philosophy course on artificial intelligence. The entire class was composed of senior philosophy majors and I was very intimated by their words. Though the class was fascinating, I found myself just listening and not being able to keep up with my usual rigorous note taking. 

Cue doodles of robots. 

What started as a simple way to pretend like I was working has expanded into an empire of watercolors that cover our apartment. Robots under the water, robots battling aliens, robots rolling through grassy fields, robots picking apples...

They are called: The Rolling Robots. 

Ben, who is my biggest fan in literally everything is always asking for me to draw more robots. Today he came up to me with a smile and asked what I was doing for the next ten minutes. I said nothing and he brought me into the room and asked me to draw a robot on his arm. 

I know that it's a little creepy and not of the best quality, but Ben really loved it! I had to make him promise a million times before I left for class not to go and have it tattooed on him permanently.

Here's a picture of one of my previous watercolor Rolling Robot paintings.


  1. Haha. Very cute. That would have been wild if he went and got it anyways.

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