29 October 2012

bits and pieces...

Well, hello there. 
It's been quite awhile since I've written. A lot has been going on in my little life, and at the same time, nothing at all. Ben and I are narrowing in more and more on jobs in Japan and most of the time it's really exciting, but it's also incredibly stressful. I'm obviously incredibly excited to go abroad, but leaving my family and everything I've ever understood to be "normal" is really huge for me. Besides living in New Hampshire this summer, I have never really lived outside the midwest. While I know this is an amazing opportunity and will fill my life with so much experience, it will be hard to be away from home indefinitely. 

But I am trying to spend as much time as I can appreciating the small things about my friends and family here. I went to a concert with Ben and my brother, Bobby had we all had the most amazing time. I'm so grateful my brother and I are even more like grown-up friends. We've always gotten along, but I think as we've gotten older, our relationship has become so much more meaningful. We have a really special bond. 

My mother and I also had a really nice day shopping for a suit for me to interview in. It was nice to sit and talk with her. I very much needed her reassuring words. I also now have a very classy looking Calvin Klein suit courtesy of her and my dad!

Well, I guess these are just the thoughts in my head right now. I had some pictures on my camera from a breakfast the other day I thought I should share. 

We've been watching all the presidential debates. Very exciting. 

Mimosas in mason jars!

Creepy bacon...

My latest obsession. 

The painting Ben's mom bought us in Hawaii.

Ben getting ready for his resume picture. We had a fun photo shoot :)

And this is just a picture I love.

I hope your drifting times of the fall are warm, cozy, and filled with love. 

14 October 2012

Quiet Campus

Everyone has left school for fall break. Ben and I went for a walked and collected some of our favorite leaves and then embalmed them in Mod Podge to make a lovely garland for when fall is gone and winter makes me miss the sweet, falling leaves. 

On Thursday night, after work, Ben and I constructed a lovely creme brulee (they serve them at the restaurant I hostess at, but alas, I cannot bring myself to pay for one of the lovely desserts). We used this recipe and it was awesome. We were even able to put it in the fridge and save it for a few days (we were in no way prepared to eat an entire pie plate full), which was surprising, but really great. We just added some sugar to the top every time we re-baked it. 

Fall is so very much my favorite time of year. I find myself always so lost in the summer and very uncomfortable in the heat. But in the colder months, there is nothing I love more than layer blankets and wrapping scarves around myself and digging through drawers to find my large wool socks. Ben and I have finally started really putting together some Japan plans and I'm filled with happiness. I cannot wait to start the next chapter of my life. 

12 October 2012

fresh exchange

Dream big.
Take risks. 
Stop saying I can't. 
Adventure more. 
Drink more wine. 
Be honest.
Learn to inspire myself. 
Be curious. 
Ask questions. 
Do the most I can. 

Think less, feel more. 


10 October 2012

pre-date night

lying around in the middle of fall angst,
drinking our roommates nice beer,
taking pictures in drifting sunlight...

we went to the worst mexican food place our town has to offer even though we've never had any luck there. we had amazing talks about electrons, neurons, space, time, matter, atheism, sherlock, japan, our families, and why no matter what happens, we have each other and everything will always be okay.

03 October 2012


So. I do this weird thing where I paint pictures of robots. 
It started last year when I was taking a philosophy course on artificial intelligence. The entire class was composed of senior philosophy majors and I was very intimated by their words. Though the class was fascinating, I found myself just listening and not being able to keep up with my usual rigorous note taking. 

Cue doodles of robots. 

What started as a simple way to pretend like I was working has expanded into an empire of watercolors that cover our apartment. Robots under the water, robots battling aliens, robots rolling through grassy fields, robots picking apples...

They are called: The Rolling Robots. 

Ben, who is my biggest fan in literally everything is always asking for me to draw more robots. Today he came up to me with a smile and asked what I was doing for the next ten minutes. I said nothing and he brought me into the room and asked me to draw a robot on his arm. 

I know that it's a little creepy and not of the best quality, but Ben really loved it! I had to make him promise a million times before I left for class not to go and have it tattooed on him permanently.

Here's a picture of one of my previous watercolor Rolling Robot paintings.

02 October 2012

Before Class

I feel like I could talk about this hat forever. 
I love it. Ben wore it a lot when we were first dating and I was so charmed by it. Maybe it's because Ben is from the East and I've always been fascinated with that part of the country (though up until this summer, had never really been to) and the Yankees hat symbolized that for me. Or maybe it was because he told me he'd had it since he was a kid and every time I put it on, I felt connected to his mysterious New Hampshire life. 

I don't know. I love it. Love it. I found it beneath a pile of sweaters in our closet this morning and gave it to Ben to wear. It made my morning, in one of those unexplainable ways. 

I was trying to take a picture of these super warm wool socks I found in one of Ben's storage bins, but it looks more like a pregnancy-belly shot, haha.

I don't know how much I should be writing on the daily, especially when most of my life is spent with going to work and eating boring food. Speaking of food, how weird does that bacon look in the last picture? I hadn't even noticed until Ben brought it up, then I was way too grossed out to even eat it (but I still did because bacon is the best).

I feel like I should be going on more adventures, like wine tastings and flower workshops. My life is lame here in Wisconsin. Ben and I even try to do cultural things like buy free trade chocolate and watch documentaries about South Korea and criminal punishment taboos worldwide, but everything always ends up feeling the same and our nights close with New Glarus beers with old friends and episodes of Sherlock.

I envy so many of the lives I read through other people's blogs, because everything seems so much more glamorous than old hats and strange bacon. But I suppose I do really love this little life of mine and even if all I have is just a few pictures here and there of the same picnic table used as a dining room table, than so be it.

That's all I have for today.

01 October 2012

watch: live freely

This is a little video I made while in New Hampshire.
It was all filmed on my iPhone using the lovely 8mm app.

The music is by The Middle East and the song is "Blood"

I hope you enjoy.
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