25 September 2012

quiet day

Today was hard one for both me and Ben. 
After our classes were over, we walked for hours around our neighborhood, talking and collecting colorful leaves for some crafts I want to do when I have time this weekend. 
I felt very comforted being outdoors and Ben and I decided it was important we make going for walks more of a daily thing. We tend to do a lot of walking since our town is so small, but some days I realize it's 10:00 p.m. and the only time I have been outside is when I went to class, and that's no way to live. 

There's been a lot of found happiness in our little apartment this last week as Ben has met with different past Japanese professors about our pending travels abroad. He's been brushing up on his Japanese and practicing for the Japanese proficiency test. I've even been practicing my own Japanese and I now know how to count, greet people, and say a few random words. It's a fun language to learn because the sillier I try to make my accent sound, the more correct it ends up being!

Having Japan to look forward to gets me through a lot of difficult days. More and more I see that there is time for change in my life and everything feels as though it's happening naturally. 

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