09 September 2012

One Year...

It's been a year!
A year ago today, I was at my college's annual musical festival. 
Blues and jazzy folk music played off into the night while my friends and I drank Wisconsin beers and hula hooped in the grass. 
I had first met Ben when I transfered to our small school. We ate sandwiches in the cafeteria and talked about the band on his t-shirt (The Flaming Lips). I was made shy by his incredible intelligence (he spoke five languages and solved a Rubik cube in under 30 seconds!), but we hardly ever crossed paths until our senior year when we found ourselves in the same dorm- Haven.

he swears that when I walked in to our floor's meeting (30 minutes late...)
i looked like an angel.

Ben started coming around more to hang out with my girlfriend, Jen. They had always been good friends, but he had spent our junior year in Japan and Russia, so I had never gotten to know him very well. We started cooking meals on our floor and Ben and I always seemed to connect through conversation. I had a little crush.

The night of the blues festival was one of the first beautiful fall nights and everyone was feeling as restless as the leaves on the trees.  I was doing flirty things like stealing Ben's hat so that he would come talk to me (but he just thought I needed a hat... silly bug) and showing off my hula-hooping tricks. 

Our group argued about whether to go or stay at the festival, but I quietly prayed someone would suggest dancing... Ben was making my heart flutter and I wanted any excuse to be close to him.  
Finally, it was decided that our group should move to our campus bar. 
A buddy was DJ-ing.
And even though none of our friends particularly liked dancing (except me), there were pool tables and more beer. 
So to the bar we went. 

Outside of C-Haus, almost the entire student body stood around smoking cigarettes and talking like mad. 
Jen started a conversation with some guy leaving Ben and I standing around awkwardly, trying to make small conversations, both hoping someone else would suggest dancing so neither of us would have to.
I tried hinting at Jen. She didn't take the bait.
Finally, I looked at Ben and bravely asked him to come dance with me. He grinned, down to the C-Haus basement we went. 

The music was terrible and the air was thick with sweat, but we twirled around one another as if the universe only contained us. When it was time for us to go home, Ben grabbed my hand and I felt a surge of electricity flow through my body. We had our first kiss on the steps of the bar porch, and spent the rest of the night talking on a picnic bench.

Oh, how we talked. 
It was like once it started, it could never stop. 
All of our different interests and experiences provided the foundation for a relationship that we both learned to grow greatly from. We fell deeply in love that night and never left each other's sides.

That was a year ago.
So much has happened since then. We have been through some difficult times, travelled across country together (twice--and talking the entire way!), vacationed in places I never thought I'd go, realized things about ourselves, talked about our futures, and decided to finally take a plunge and move abroad after we finish this semester.

 All our days have been filled with warmest and haziest love. I know this is for me, forever.

Love you, Ben! Happy Anniversary! 
Our first picture together ever! It was a group shot, but Ben put his head on my shoulder and it made me all giggly :)

love and love,

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