09 September 2012


Sorry it has taken me so long to write. Ben and I took awhile getting settled into our new apartment, and truthfully, we're not even all the way there yet. It's been a blistering few weeks and we lack the funds to afford air conditioning. We've come up with a pretty sufficient alternative though: spraying each other in the face with a water bottle and lying in front of the fans I stole from my parent's home. I've been praying daily to the rain gods and hopefully this fall is not a hot one.

It's so miserable being this hot.

Our apartment is holding up alright. Ben asked me if it had met me expectations and I told him I hadn't really had any. This is Beloit.

We've worked hard to make it nice though. We hung our art all over the place and it looks a bit more like the other small homes we've shared. Still, the carpets are gross and I look forward to shedding this home for a new adventure.

In the news of our small lives...

North Coast Music Festival  was amazing as usual. We went with my brother, Bobby, and we all had an awesome time. We saw Yelawolf, Eoto, Knife Party, STS9, and one of the guys spinning from Swedish House Mafia. Ben has never really been to a "dancing" type show, so I think he was a little weirded out at first, but he got into it by the end. My brother and I are weirdos though and as soon as we got there and heard Yelawolf, we were in front of the stage bopping.
Bobby's Instagram photo.
Eoto. So, so good every time.

The next day we took it a bit easy and hung out with my parent's new German Shepard puppy.

I'm not totally sure if she even has a name yet, but when I was hanging out with her it was Patty Mayonnaise, which I thought was awesome. Last time I talked to my mom she told me they were going with Mia, so who knows. 

After all that excitement, we stopped by the Renaissance Faire. It was a lot of fun walking around, looking at all the great shops and art, but especially the fun costumes and general whimsical atmosphere the whole place has. 

It was quite the grand weekend, but sadly we return to thick books and long papers. And hopefully, cooler days. 

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