17 September 2012


Hello there!
I saw over on My Latest Obsession this idea to do a "Joy Post" where you  basically make a list of the things that are bringing you joy at that time. So here is mine...
  1. Eating breakfast with Ben this morning. His arabic class wasn't moving at the fast pace he would have liked it too and he felt too overwhelmed by his other studies and decided to drop it. Though I'm sorry he's not going to be able to learn a language he's been interested in for a long time, I am happy that we can spend a little bit of our mornings together!
  2. My No.2 Cotton and Beach Flower candle! I actually hadn't planned on buying any candles, but when I was in the store waiting for Ben, I knocked over an entire display, shattering everything. And even though the sales clerks were wicked sweet about it all, I still felt so guilty, I grabbed the nearest candle and bought it. For $22. Which is a lot for me. BUT SO WORTH IT NOW
  3. The weather is turning! This morning I woke up with a cold nose and toes, but was so excited to rummage through my drawers and slip on some wool sweaters and socks. I love fall so much, I can't wait for the sun to take a break. 
  4. Been working on my Teaching English as a Foreign Language class, which just gets me so excited for Japan! Just a few more months! Ben has also started looking at jobs, it's all so exciting. 
  5. Long, nightly talks with my love about religion, politics, people we know, people we don't know, the future, the climate, space and everything in between. He's my favorite person in the world to talk to and my brain always gets an exercise when we get into something.
  6. Hula hooping in my front yard.
  7. My cute little neighbors--a two-year-old girl and a baby boy.
  8. Salt bagels are back at the local bagel store! Hooray for sodium in the morning! 
  9. Joanna Newsom on Pandora at night... such beautiful music to read and study to. 

I start hostessing at a restaurant after class today and I'm hoping it goes a lot better than the first restaurant I tried working at here...

have a joyous day!


  1. So many happy things! Something that makes me very happy: they took my braces off after 2,5 year haha. Oh joy ;)



  2. That is so awesome! Braces are the worst, but those pearly whites afterwards sure are worth it!



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