11 September 2012

Glimpses from the apartment...

I copied the idea for that sign from this blog 

Sweet potato peanut bisque

Garland by Lightnest

The last picture is a print I purchased from Oana Befort for Ben for our one-year. We decided to follow the traditional anniversary gifts list.  This year was paper and I couldn't resist this lovely, lovely print. 

Life has been quiet. School is in full swing. Ben and I got jobs as servers at a local restaurant and we're hoping we can start saving some money for Japan. The weather has even started cooling off a bit, but I can't wait until fall is in full swing when I can break out my tights and sweaters and thick wool socks. 

I'm such a cold weather girl. Never could handle those summer months, oh but winter! I love winter. I love being cold and going into warm places and eating and drinking warmly, covering myself up with quilts, hiding from the snow with books...
Winter. Gosh, I love winter. I'll do a longer post on that later. 


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