27 September 2012

For this weekend...

Hello there.

So, today I found out that not only do I have to work everyday this weekend, but also the next one. I wish I more grown-up enough to say that I'm not bummed out, but I totally am! I have been feeling a little lonely ever since I got this new job because I don't get to see my girlfriends during the days, Ben hardly at night, and everyone else during the weekend. 

Ugh. But I need money, so I begrudgingly accept my schedule. My manager promised to start training me to be a waitress in the next week or two, which is nice. I don't make very much being a hostess, but being a waitress stresses me out. The money is the best, and a lot of times the customers can become friends, but it's a quick-paced job with big heavy trays you don't want to be dropping. I feel more comfortable this time around though, because I did spend my whole summer working in a place almost exactly like this. 

I can do it. And I need the money. Save for dream camera. Save for Japan. Save for Christmas. 

Jobs are jobs. But as I was daydreaming at work, I decided on these crafts to do for when I do have time!


I'm excited to start playing with the things I find outside. Ever since my parents gave me an acrylic paint set for last Christmas, I've been feeling all sorts of creative and crafty.
I used to be much more like this when I was in high school, but stopped for awhile. It's so satisfying to work on something all day and in the end, have something beautiful and special to hang in your home. 

Well, here's to hoping I can get through a whole weekend on my feet!

sweet leaves,


  1. Yikes. I hope your weekend sped on by. Getting in to the swing of things with a new job is tough. I work mon-fri but Brian's schedule conflicts with mine and it is not fun. I hope waitressing goes well for you. You can do it!

  2. Awe, that's too bad about Brian-- I'm sure you guys will work it out, I remember when you guys were just starting out! Thanks for reading <3


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