30 September 2012

Sleepy Sundays

1. Paper towel rose Ben brought to me after one of my classes on Friday.
2. Vintage dress from This Vintage Girl
3. Nail polish, strange stone
4. Garland
5. Relaxing

I hope your Sunday was filled with sunshine and song!

27 September 2012

For this weekend...

Hello there.

So, today I found out that not only do I have to work everyday this weekend, but also the next one. I wish I more grown-up enough to say that I'm not bummed out, but I totally am! I have been feeling a little lonely ever since I got this new job because I don't get to see my girlfriends during the days, Ben hardly at night, and everyone else during the weekend. 

Ugh. But I need money, so I begrudgingly accept my schedule. My manager promised to start training me to be a waitress in the next week or two, which is nice. I don't make very much being a hostess, but being a waitress stresses me out. The money is the best, and a lot of times the customers can become friends, but it's a quick-paced job with big heavy trays you don't want to be dropping. I feel more comfortable this time around though, because I did spend my whole summer working in a place almost exactly like this. 

I can do it. And I need the money. Save for dream camera. Save for Japan. Save for Christmas. 

Jobs are jobs. But as I was daydreaming at work, I decided on these crafts to do for when I do have time!


I'm excited to start playing with the things I find outside. Ever since my parents gave me an acrylic paint set for last Christmas, I've been feeling all sorts of creative and crafty.
I used to be much more like this when I was in high school, but stopped for awhile. It's so satisfying to work on something all day and in the end, have something beautiful and special to hang in your home. 

Well, here's to hoping I can get through a whole weekend on my feet!

sweet leaves,

26 September 2012


The thing I love the most about fall is the warm days that so quickly melt into cold nights and require immediate attention for the summer skin that has not yet been shed.

On our walk home from the library this evening, Ben and I blew gusts of air at one another, amazed as we always are that are breath has a color.
"Like little clouds from my mouth!" I told him, wondering if I said something similar to my mother long ago.

When we got back to our apartment, I dove my feet into the warmest socks I could find, lit my english candles and curled up in our large bed with my book of love poems.

oh, the time before bed has always been my favorite, even when i was a child. my room gave way to the release of all thing imaginary that had been pent up in my brain. It was safe, it was warm.
I feel so safe and warm in this bed, in this room.

Soft candles flicker, my love sits beside me quietly reading. I do my artwork and writing on the floor until the chill from broken windows creeps too close to my skin and I retreat finally to the endless blankets of the warmest covers.

at the end of the day, I have the wonders of night to come home to and the guarantee of comfort in my bed. it really is the simple little things.

warm socks, next to other warm socks of the man I love. quiet conversations in the dark. beautiful twinkle lights and candles. bedtime. 

25 September 2012

quiet day

Today was hard one for both me and Ben. 
After our classes were over, we walked for hours around our neighborhood, talking and collecting colorful leaves for some crafts I want to do when I have time this weekend. 
I felt very comforted being outdoors and Ben and I decided it was important we make going for walks more of a daily thing. We tend to do a lot of walking since our town is so small, but some days I realize it's 10:00 p.m. and the only time I have been outside is when I went to class, and that's no way to live. 

There's been a lot of found happiness in our little apartment this last week as Ben has met with different past Japanese professors about our pending travels abroad. He's been brushing up on his Japanese and practicing for the Japanese proficiency test. I've even been practicing my own Japanese and I now know how to count, greet people, and say a few random words. It's a fun language to learn because the sillier I try to make my accent sound, the more correct it ends up being!

Having Japan to look forward to gets me through a lot of difficult days. More and more I see that there is time for change in my life and everything feels as though it's happening naturally. 

24 September 2012

Happy Birthday Dearest Mother!


I hope your monday went well. It was my sweet mother's birthday today so if anyone besides her reads this, send her a million thought kisses! She is the most loving and sweet woman in the world and she has made my life one filled with passion and curiosity. She is the most intelligent woman I know and has always shown me first hand what it means to be classy.

My mother has been there through countless tears and has never lost her faith in me, even when I had lost it in myself. 

A couple of years ago, when I was at my first college, I was having a very difficult time with some things and I felt very anxious about opening up to my mother about the intimate problems I was facing in my life. 
One of the best decisions I have ever made, ever.
My mother rushed to my side and was there for every step of the way. She provided so much guidance and love. Completely put her life on hold to help me straighten out mine. Answered her phone seven times a day and would talk to me for as long as I needed to, repeated conversations I needed to have, listened and listened and listened. 

She was truly the definition of a best friend. It was one of the most upsetting times of my life and she helped me turn it into a transfer to a better college and ultimately a better life. 

My mother has given up her career to take care of my brother and me and make sure we were always happy and loved. Her selflessness is to be admired by all. I love you, Mom. Happy birthday. 
My mom and I getting our work out on!

This old picture of my mother that I love. The ring on her left finger is one I wore for years and cherished as a piece of luck.

Last christmas, in all her sweet, natural glory.

love you mom!

22 September 2012


images from here

watching warms suns turn into blue nights
missing the sweet, loving mountains of new hampshire

spending days with my sweet one winding through old streets,
filling paper bags with fallen golden leaves.

lately, nights have been filled with water
lying in bed, reading writing & breathing in the smoke from burnt candles and listening to quiet pianos on the radio

sweet words

17 September 2012


Hello there!
I saw over on My Latest Obsession this idea to do a "Joy Post" where you  basically make a list of the things that are bringing you joy at that time. So here is mine...
  1. Eating breakfast with Ben this morning. His arabic class wasn't moving at the fast pace he would have liked it too and he felt too overwhelmed by his other studies and decided to drop it. Though I'm sorry he's not going to be able to learn a language he's been interested in for a long time, I am happy that we can spend a little bit of our mornings together!
  2. My No.2 Cotton and Beach Flower candle! I actually hadn't planned on buying any candles, but when I was in the store waiting for Ben, I knocked over an entire display, shattering everything. And even though the sales clerks were wicked sweet about it all, I still felt so guilty, I grabbed the nearest candle and bought it. For $22. Which is a lot for me. BUT SO WORTH IT NOW
  3. The weather is turning! This morning I woke up with a cold nose and toes, but was so excited to rummage through my drawers and slip on some wool sweaters and socks. I love fall so much, I can't wait for the sun to take a break. 
  4. Been working on my Teaching English as a Foreign Language class, which just gets me so excited for Japan! Just a few more months! Ben has also started looking at jobs, it's all so exciting. 
  5. Long, nightly talks with my love about religion, politics, people we know, people we don't know, the future, the climate, space and everything in between. He's my favorite person in the world to talk to and my brain always gets an exercise when we get into something.
  6. Hula hooping in my front yard.
  7. My cute little neighbors--a two-year-old girl and a baby boy.
  8. Salt bagels are back at the local bagel store! Hooray for sodium in the morning! 
  9. Joanna Newsom on Pandora at night... such beautiful music to read and study to. 

I start hostessing at a restaurant after class today and I'm hoping it goes a lot better than the first restaurant I tried working at here...

have a joyous day!

16 September 2012

Sweet Sundays

After another week of what felt like the longest of long weeks, Ben and I are enjoying some sweet Joanna Newsom and catching up on our readings. 

I hope you find time to relax and kick back as well.


11 September 2012

Glimpses from the apartment...

I copied the idea for that sign from this blog 

Sweet potato peanut bisque

Garland by Lightnest

The last picture is a print I purchased from Oana Befort for Ben for our one-year. We decided to follow the traditional anniversary gifts list.  This year was paper and I couldn't resist this lovely, lovely print. 

Life has been quiet. School is in full swing. Ben and I got jobs as servers at a local restaurant and we're hoping we can start saving some money for Japan. The weather has even started cooling off a bit, but I can't wait until fall is in full swing when I can break out my tights and sweaters and thick wool socks. 

I'm such a cold weather girl. Never could handle those summer months, oh but winter! I love winter. I love being cold and going into warm places and eating and drinking warmly, covering myself up with quilts, hiding from the snow with books...
Winter. Gosh, I love winter. I'll do a longer post on that later. 


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