14 August 2012


So all summer my friend Trevor has been filming a TV show. He is currently going to school for film and has recruited all of our friends to act in it. 

Yesterday was my big debut. 

The show is about rival "gangs" that dress up like superheros and steal one another's booze. It's a really fun little show and I was so happy to be included. 

I played one of the girls, Nicole who is a super villian from another town who just moved into the neighborhood.
I haven't really acted much besides a few times when I was a kid and then goofing off with my friends in high school, but I thought it went pretty well!
It's always fun putting on a costume and goofing off with your friends in an out-of-the-ordinary way. 

The pictures below are my friend Catie and I dressed as Wonder Bitty and Cat Woman. 

Check out the trailer for the show below!


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