18 August 2012

New Apartment Inspiration

I haven't even seen my new apartment yet. 
Our other roommate, Zach says it's cool. 
But it's Beloit, Wisconsin.
So who knows. 

Regardless, here's some pictures I found on Pinterest that have inspired me in my future decorating. 
Stacks of quilts

I want to make some mobiles like this one. 

I know this is holiday-ish, but it's so cute. I'd like to tone it down and decorate something like it.
Cute, loving.

Clean, quite, full of fresh greens 
Pictures on clothes pins... I have done that in my rooms for years.
And twinkle lights. 

Rugs and colorful couches.

Garlands, pretty pillows and fresh flowers. 

I would love to make this.

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