13 August 2012

Hermit Island

So as our summer comes to an end, Ben and I have been sneaking in as much East Coast love as we can. Last week we ventured up to Maine to go to the campground Ben has gone to every year since he was five with his sister and a couple friends. 

I love the northeast so much and going to Maine only made me love it more. 
The campground was gorgeous and it was really nice to get away from work which I no longer adore. 

However, coming home was bittersweet because we are nearing the end of our time here in Plymouth, New Hampshire. I loved these warm months and am so happy we decided to come here for the summer. I do very much miss Chicago and my family though, and look forward to seeing them in just a week now.
I can't wait to wrap them all up in my arms. 

While everyone went shopping for supplies, Ben and I enjoyed some irish coffee and
cheesecake at a lobster shed a bit up the road. 

Eggs and grilled muffins

Our friend Justin suggested on one of the rainy days that we all sit in the tent and say one nice thing about each other. It was a very special and sweet moment we all shared and I'm glad we did it.
The whole thing reminded me of that scene in "The Darjeeling Limited" where they listen to "Play With Fire" and sit silently with their mother, so that's what we listened to.

I finally got around to reading "Blue Nights" by Joan Didion. It was so incredibly moving.
I am forever inspired by her words.

One of the days everyone went into town, so Ben and I sat and played ping pong for hours.
I'm getting pretty good!

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