04 August 2012

Cape Cod Part 2

So on our second day on the cape, Ben and I woke up at 8 a.m. (which I haven't done in months) and went for a bike ride after breakfast. When we got back, Ben's little cousins Ezra and Brody came over and we took them swimming in the ocean. It was so much fun! They are the sweetest little boys and Brody asked to be thrown in the air by Ben a million times. It was fun hanging out with them and when we went mini golfing later (Ben wanted to work on his putting haha) we took them with us, which was also really sweet. 

Later on in the night after dinner Ben, his parents, his uncle and I all had quite a few drinks while watching the Olympics and then held a ping pong tournament. It was actually a lot of fun! Ben is a stupid good ping pong player so I never really get to play against anyone I could actually beat, so this was a nice change of pace. 

I actually don't think I'm too bad at it! Ben and I used to play a lot while at school and he said I picked it up quite quickly. And when I played against his mother (who is also a great ping pong player) I was able to keep up for at least a little while (though I still have a long way to go before I actually beat anyone). 

All and all it was a really nice little vacation. We have this weekend of work and then we'll be off to Hermit Island in Maine for a week of camping with Ben's sister and best friend. Ever since I've known Ben he has gushed about this place and it is probably the #1 reason why he wanted me to move to New Hampshire. I'm excited to go, I haven't been camping in awhile and it'll be a nice end-of-summer trip before we travel back to the midwest. 


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