02 August 2012

Cape Cod Part 1

For the last few days, I've been in Massachusetts (the land of the world's most terrible drivers) visiting Cape Cod. Ben's mother is one of ten children and her family has a house on the Cape so we all decided to drive up for a little vacation time. I was pretty excited because work has become incredibly stressful and I don't know how much more I can take of being a waitress. While the money is good, I just spend far too much time being incredibly tense, so I welcomed this little vacation quite warmly.

So three days ago, Ben, his mother and father, dog Finn, and I all packed up the car and made the three hour drive to the Cape. As we approached the house however, it began to rain which was quite the bummer. Nonetheless, we still had a great first night filled with good food and drinks and plenty of Olympics watching! I met Ben's grandmother too and she was the sweetest, tiniest little woman.

After a couple drinks, Ben and I decided to go down to the beach and go swimming in the rain. That may not have been our absolute best idea, but the waves were crazy big and so fun to play in. However, there was quite an eerie feel to the weather, especially since as soon as we got down there, there was another story about a shark attack off the cape. So while we were playing and laughing, we also felt quite nervous about the black waters and finally got out.

I am happy to report though that the rest of the trip featured gorgeous weather and absolutely no shark sightings! I'll post more about the rest of the trip later.

The longest and craziest family tree!

I bought some sunflowers as a hostess gift : )

Ben's mother Barbara, Grandma, and Ben. I love this picture. 


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