05 August 2012

Ben's Instagram Photos of the Week

Ben really likes this blog. 
In fact, he was actually the one who wanted to start it and always makes sure I'm posting and recording the things we do. It's very cute. 
He is still a guy, though, and isn't too involved in the writing/taking-pictures-on-the-daily aspect, so I do most of the actual work (though he does always very earnestly read the posts I write).

Ben is quite the fan of instagram though, so I've decided to start posting the instagram photos he takes during the week so he can be involved more. Here are some from Cape Cod and around our apartment/days.

I have to say, Ben is absolutely the most supportive and encouraging person in my life. He thinks everything I do is the greatest in the world and he is always so proud of me.
Every time I paint a painting he looks at it with awe and tells me all the things he sees in it and how he would interpret it, etc. He took some pictures around our apartment of the watercolors I've been doing recently and made a facebook album about them while I was at work.
It melted my heart.

This is a picture my mom sent Ben of me when I was a kid at the Renaissance Faire. 

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