26 August 2012

Well, were here...

After many, many car troubles
Ben and I managed to get ourselves back to Wisconsin and into the world's hottest apartment for our final, FINAL semester of college.

We're still getting all settled in, so a nice detailed post is going to have to be put on the back burner.

Until then, pray for cold rains...

18 August 2012

New Apartment Inspiration

I haven't even seen my new apartment yet. 
Our other roommate, Zach says it's cool. 
But it's Beloit, Wisconsin.
So who knows. 

Regardless, here's some pictures I found on Pinterest that have inspired me in my future decorating. 
Stacks of quilts

I want to make some mobiles like this one. 

I know this is holiday-ish, but it's so cute. I'd like to tone it down and decorate something like it.
Cute, loving.

Clean, quite, full of fresh greens 
Pictures on clothes pins... I have done that in my rooms for years.
And twinkle lights. 

Rugs and colorful couches.

Garlands, pretty pillows and fresh flowers. 

I would love to make this.

Last Days

It's here. 
It's time to move out of New Hampshire. Out of this adorable little town. Out of this apartment that so quickly felt like a home. 
I'm feeling quite strange. 
On one hand, I'm really excited to move on to another chapter. 
Maybe not going back to school, but after this semester, the whole world really will open up to me. 
We'll most likely be in Japan by this time next year. 
Probably way sooner than that.
I'm excited to be back in the Midwest, near my parents, near the city I grew up learning how to explore. 
There are so many things I have come to truly appreciate since being gone. 

But I will miss it here. 
I will miss the coffee shop Ben and I went to every morning before we grabbed our raft and took long, quiet floats down the Pemigewasset river. I will miss Ben's kind childhood friends coming over with their guitars and asking if we'd like to build a fire to sing around. 
I will miss the locally grown food that was so readily available up the road. I'll miss the stars and the mountains. I'll miss everything I have learned to love up here, but I know it's time for me to move on. 

Ben is at work right now, and though he told me to wait for him to come home and help me, I've started packing things up. It's nice seeing all our things together: his Russian literature mixed in with my mother's broken down copy of Joan Didion's The White Album. Our collection of DVDs. Candles that we purchased together on our first week in New Hampshire. 
All of it. 

The next few days will be quite strange, but I know that after the sadness and stress and crazy 24-hour drive, I'll be in a new place filled with new possibilities. 
I suppose this is just how things go.

Until I arrive in the midwest,

17 August 2012

Disposable Camera Fun

I am, and have been for as long as I can remember, obsessed with different kinds of cameras. 
As much as I love my digitals, there's something about the classic, grainy, washed-out disposable camera look I just adore. 
I've actually been seriously considering asking for/investing in a film camera in the near future because I just find film to be so much more pure and in the moment than digital film. 

The frustrating thing about taking pictures, for me, is that so many people are unhappy with digital shots and want them redone or deleted. But with film, the moment is captured and everyone moves on. Also, and this might just be me, I think everyone always looks good in film. Something about the dull colors and the lightning bolt flash. 

Here are some disposables I just picked up. They were taken all over the place, all summer. 

Ben and I draw this everywhere because we are dorks.

16 August 2012

Ben's Photos of the Week

So here are some of Ben's iPhone pictures from the past week. Some of them are from our time at Hermit Island and some are from our visit to Squam Lake yesterday. 
Our friend Victor and his family have a lovely home and boat and he invited us before work to go tubing. 
So much fun! I love all these pictures because Ben got a lifeproof iPhone case for his birthday and is able to take his phone/camera into the water. I'm so glad we've been able to capture so many lovely pictures this summer because of it. 

Most bizarre woodpecker I've ever seen or heard.

Owen's Farm

One of the things I will miss the most about New Hampshire is the amazing food that is just available, everywhere.

Since there's a lot of farm land out here, most of the food we get (even at the grocery store) isn't treated with anything and is literally grass-fed. 
Not only does everything taste better, but I also feel better knowing that everything I put into my body is in it's natural state and that no animals suffered from my diet.

Here are some pictures I took with my phone from the farm Ben and I go to up the road that has the most amazing fruits and vegetables, eggs and flowers available. 
I've had such a great time this summer eating well and being proud of myself for supporting local farmers. I'm definitely going to commit myself to finding something like Owen's Farm when we're back in Wisconsin and wherever we go after that. 

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