17 July 2012


So Ben and I just got back from his cousin Darcy's wedding in Vermont. It was so much fun! I really love going to weddings and Darcy and her husband Orestes are so sweet and welcoming. 

Last Friday Ben and I drove up to Stowe, Vermont which was where the wedding was held. I very much enjoy the car trips we take around the north east because it's very different than where I'm from and where I've traveled in the country (mostly I've explored out west and some of the southwest). Everything is so green here and the roads just seem to wind endlessly through valleys and mountains. 

We did make a few stops along the way to check out some of the small towns. I'll post more pictures about those specific places later. 

The guitar I bought Ben for his birthday. :)

After the rehearsal dinner, we had a bonfire. Darcy told me she wanted to recreate what high school parties in Vermont were like. From hanging out with Ben and his hometown friends, I have to say, bonfires are a big deal around here. At first, I wasn't so sure about smelling like campfire the next day, but I've come to love them. 

The wedding itself took place at 4:00 in the afternoon and it was hot. Thankfully, the ceremony only lasted about ten minutes. At one point I looked over at Ben (who was wearing a full suit in that 100 degree weather) and I thought he had tears streaming down his face--turns out it was just sweat. 

Ben and his family!
(Barbara, Rob, Hilary, Ben, and Todd)

Such a good idea!

This was Oreste's best man. He was ridiculous. He put on an amazing show/speech that had the whole crowd laughing. He was one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding. 

One thing I kind of noticed about this wedding was the crazy amount of attention these two got. Even as I was snapping away at this picture, I noticed that everyone else was too. It seemed like a lot of pressure, but they handled it well. 

my lover :)

I wish them both the best! Cheers!


  1. Can I just say, it is obvious how in love you two are... I just stumbled upon your blog and I got the chills! You two are freakin' adorable!

  2. Quite a fun wedding party it was! Spectacular photos. Pleased that you shared such an inspirational post here. Hey dear I want to get married in rustic chic style. I hope pretty soon I would find some nice event space Chicago for our party.


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