01 July 2012

Sugar Sugar

Our last few days have been filled with lots of sugar. These strawberries came from one of the local farms and were honestly, the best strawberries I've ever had in my life. No preservatives, no hormones, just straight from the earth strawberries. We ate them all day for snacks and then threw the rest into the blender and made some delicious and healthy margaritas. :)
When I told Ben I wanted to take a picture of one of the strawberries to show how small it was, he immediately went and got a penny to put next to it. That made me laugh because Ben can be quite the literal guy.

On another morning, Ben and I went to the Sugar Shack. It's this wonderful little place that makes most of the maple syrup that you see everywhere in New Hampshire. All the food is locally raised which is also nice. 

I had so much just driving to the Sugar Shack because New Hampshire is just such a marvelous state to look at. The mountains top off the largest trees I've ever seen and the skies are always so thick and blue. In a weird way, I kind of enjoy the fact that it takes so long to get just about anywhere, because it allows me time to stare out the window and enjoy this beautiful place. 


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