28 July 2012

Lately/Ben's Birthday

Hello there. I fear I developed some sort of strep throat last night at work and am stuck inside all day. It's not so bad I suppose, the weather outside is a bit cloudy, but it still sucks staying inside all day on one of my rare days off. 

I've been loving New Hampshire so much recently and really feel like I have created a home here, but I do miss my sweet home Chicago as well. I am really looking forward to going back to the midwest soon! I'm also looking forward to taking to Ben to his first music festival (North Coast Music Fest) and to the Renaissance Faire as well. My mom used to take my brother and I every year when we were kids and it was so a whimsical, magical place. I said something to Ben about it recently and he was very surprised I knew about it. I guess our little festival is pretty well known and Ben has always wanted to go! Naturally as soon as he said he was interested we bought some tickets and spent the afternoon looking at pictures of the festival and discussing our favorite aspects of the Medieval Times.

Needless to say, I'm quite excited to return, though New Hampshire will be greatly missed. In the mean time, here are some pictures of our New Hampshire life as of lately.

playing cards in bed

Ben took me on the sweetest date to The Six Burner Bistro. It was a real grown-up date with a bottle of wine and three courses. We got all dressed up and had so much fun being on the other side of the table for once!

Ben rocking out with Devin on his new guitar!

my birthday card to ben

birthday breakfast at ben's parent's home.


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