19 July 2012

bits and bits (traveling to Vermont)

     This is the Indian Head Mountain in Lincoln, New Hampshire we stopped to check out. 

This place was so cool! This is Littleton, New Hampshire and they had pianos and guitars set up all around the streets for people to pick up and play. It was so much fun and such a cute idea for a town.  

After we played some of the instruments, i noticed a guitar store behind us and Ben and I went in. Since my original birthday present for him had accidentally been exposed (he looked at my phone when my friend was texting me about the longboard I was going to buy him) I offered to buy him a guitar. He picked out a bright yellow one and has been playing it happily ever since. :)

1 comment:

  1. I find it extremely funny that I just noticed they had these pianos and guitars along the street just last year, and I've been in Northern NH for 27 years (not entirely happy about that). It is so awesome to see "home" through someone else eyes! Fun Post!


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