25 June 2012

Sick Daze

Ben and I have recently just traded the flu to one another. Ben was sick first and had a fever of about 103. Touching his skin was like touching an oven. He was actually a very cute sick person though and in his fever delirium looked up at me, told me I was a goddess, and then admitted to eating a taco with his friend earlier in the day while I was at work. When I asked him why he was telling me this, he buried his face in the pillow and said we told each other everything and he hadn't told me that yet.
It was sweet.

What was not sweet, however, was last night when I started getting the chills and we were back to square one. It's been a crummy day, but filled with movies and naps and cherry cough drops.

Even when Ben is sick, he still tries to improve his language skills!


1 comment:

  1. That blows, hope you both feel better asap.


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