02 June 2012

The Rainy Summer Daze

The song above is the sweetest little jam I have ever known in this world. I showed it to Ben when we first started dating and he fell in love with it and declared that it would forever be our song. It's nice to have a sweet, joyful song with each other because on even the saddest, rainiest of days, we can put it on and remember that we always have sunshine between us. : )

Here are some pictures from our past rainy days...

This was right after Ben and I had just gotten our tattoos! Mine is in his handwriting in Russian and 
it says, "Ya ponimayu" which means, "I know."
Ben's tattoo is in Japanese and means the same thing. 

We took these in Biology class when we were supposed to be studying for an exam. 
Being lab partners made the class go by pretty well :)



  1. this is the first I've ever seen of this post and it. is. so. sweet.

    I am borderline fangirling over your tattoos.

    1. Oh my gosh! I forgot about this! And yeah, I love that tattoo... but I must say, out of all my tattoos, that one was the MOST painful.


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