03 June 2012

Blue berries, Purple Drinks, Green Face Masks

Ben and I still haven't started working yet, so it's been lots of little side adventures here in New Hampshire. As much as it's nice to have a break from work and school, I feel very guilty about just spending money and watching movies all the time. I'll probably regret saying that though next week when I start waitressing. 

Here's some photographs from our last few days of bumming around and how to make my 
special homemade face mask!

We stopped at this bar Tandy's in Concord, New Hampshire for the most terrific happy hour (from 3-8, half off all drinks...so perfect for us poor people) and ordered the silliest drinks off the menu. This one was called a Angry Sea Monster.

The Moscow Mule

I don't remember the name of this one, but it was very tasty. 
(Ben took this picture of me--he's been instagramming up a storm since he got an iPhone)

We went healthy-food grocery shopping today...and immediately dropped all the blueberries on the floor. 

Garlic hummus...

Green Clay Face Mask
So a lot of my friends have asked me what I use to make my own face masks and I'll tell you right now. I've spent a considerable amount of time in my life being obsessed with shrinking my pores or ridding my skin of dryness or oily-ness (I have the combo platter) and what I have found works the most is different kinds of face washes and a variety of homemade face masks. 

The one I'll share with you now is my green facial mask and I use it mostly to de-clog pores. I have perfected this recipe after years of reading different kinds of articles but everyone's skin is different so feel free to toy around with the ingredients until you find a mixture that leaves your skin feeling cleansed and fresh. You never want it to feel tight or old (trust me, you make think it's a good feeling, but your skin will get back at you for it later). 

1. Get yourself some clay. Here is a link to some already pre-mixed clays for beginners. I suggest starting with any of these and then adding different fruits, vitamins, oils to get your desired effect. 
2. Use 1/2 tsp of the green clay (usually enriched with seaweed)
3. 1/2 tsp of kaolin clay
4. 1/2 tsp aloe vera gel
5. 1 tbsp of rosewater
6. 2 drops of rose essential oil 
*Use caution with the rosewater-- it could turn your skin a little pink if you add too much! I had a bad first date once because of that...*

Hope it works for you as well as it worked for me!

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