31 May 2012

making a first, small home

ben and i settled after a few frantic days and found ourselves on a quiet street near where he grew up. boxes were unpacked, bunk beds were taken apart, sandwiches were shared.

no internet for what felt like the longest time. it was so nice though, spending time reading books, staying up late, completely mad with deep discussions. however, 
we did break our stride for quiet meals and a bit of fun humor. 

reading patti smith's novel has broken my heart and made me believe in magic all at the same time. she wraps me up into her world, letting me see as she did, with every ounce of her body beating as artists do. i feel so inspired, patti smith is forever inspiring. 

we are all moved now, but i know this home needs time to truly become a home. we met in a dorm building called haven and we have both found new meaning to that special word. homes become homes when they are needed. i wish we never had to leave ours.
one summer, one new hampshire.


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